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Do BJP and PTI show Fascist dictatorial tendencies?

🇦🇫🇮🇳🇵🇰75th Anniv. of Partition in the Indo-Pak Club - Join👇🏽 CoHost a room with us!

About Me:
UC Berkeley (Go Bears 🐻)
Entrepreneur with 1 software exit
⛷Ski Kashmir 🍁
Long live the 🇮🇳 Tax-payers union
#DalitLivesMatter ✊🏾JaiBhim
🏳️‍🌈 Ally (He / Him)
Venmo: @DeviPrasad

I don’t have to say this, but for well meaning folks who rush to judgement - MY ROOM PRESENCE OR A FOLLOW is not an endorsement !!!

🆘🇮🇳 50 Lakhs Covid Dead - Uncounted - Sources 👇🏽UMichigan Epidemiologist Dr.Mukherjee and other experts - report from center for global development estimates pandemic mis-management by BJP central government and oxygen deficiency has killed 40-50Lakhs, 4-5Million Indians so far in India. (Estimate based on GOI, state and district level death certificates and other official records)

🆘🇮🇳 Potentially > ~300M total 🦠infected since start of the pandemic.
WHO: 1 in 5 need Oxygen !
CDC: 1 in 3 suffer mild to chronic Long Haul Syndrome in 🇺🇸. In 🇮🇳 will lead to huge human productivity losses.

🆘 #DataMassacre Sources:

Google in Videos < CNN Covid India Michigan Data Massacre>

🆘Follow on Twitter - mathematician @muradbanaji & Data Journalist @rukmini for extensive field investigative reports from non-metro crematoriums and hospitals detailing under count and #DataMassacre

🆘 @Rajbhagatt (#Mapper4Life) satellite analysis of funeral pyres

“Truth in Data. Satyameva Jayate”

🆘 Take Action Now on #DataMassacre:

🆘 Tweet, Implore and Beg GOI politicians and Babus to sequence at least 15% of positives instead of less than 1% now.

🆘 Tweet, Implore and Beg Modi and Amit Shah to release accurate COVID death and infection data to scientists and hire more epidemiologists. Scientists need data to direct scarce resources to new hotspots and prepare for the next wave. Remember, you paid for these critical medical resources with your hard earned taxes. 🆘 Next wave victims could be your parents or even you 🆘 #DataMassacre “Truth in Data. Satyameva Jayate”

🆘Covid19 #Unite4India resources;

Support our Covid #DataMassacre investigation / activism / help build Data transparency tools to prevent 3rd wave and end this Pandemic in 🇮🇳

Volunteer Doctors pls register at 🇮🇳 Tele-medicine

In 🇮🇳 : Whatsapp Real Time Oxygen / ICU Beds +1234-517-8991 - Type Covid

🆘 RIP Uncounted Deaths

Invited by: Kevin Thakkar

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