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Thoughts are entertained by the actions of your habitual behaviors:

"Positively & Negatively" both; everything begins in your mind!!

Thoughts have the strongest capabilities and possibilities to become your behaviors.
My 5 Step Method:
I overcame 29 years of substance use. Allow me to show you, how to do the same for you.
My 5 Step Method:

I am a Keynote Speaker.
I will inspire you to entertain your positive thoughts into a changed mind.
As well as to motivate your actions, habits, and behaviors into a changed mindset positively.
Exposing your problems and discovering your solution.
I am married to my lovely wife Karen.
My mission as a minister is to enhance the lives of Elohim's people with positive information, so that we all may glorify the Yahweh's Kingdom in YAHSHua Ha Messiach mighty name.

Graduate of McKinley Tech High School located in Washington DC.
2yrs of Theology and Seminary teachings.
Member at First Baptist Church Glenarden Glenarden Md.
Trained in:
How to study the Bible.
How to share the gospel.
Church Doctrine.
Biblical Interpretation.
Minister Class
Homilectics 1&2
Samson Delemma
Substance abuse programs:
Salvation Army
Half Way In & Half Way Out
Toastmasters international Speakers Organization
(ACG) Accredited Communicative Gold.
Awards & Certificates.
1st place District contest winner.

202-560-1240,[email protected], [email protected], LinkedIn,WhatsApp,
Facebook, CashApp$Preach1966.

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