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Updated: Jun 7, 2021


A safe place for people to come together and speak openly and freely, without hesitation or reservation about The Divine. Join us to talk, teach and learn. Club founded 12/21/20 by Makani. Invite ALL. 🌺💝🌺


1. Practice ALOHA

Aloha is love. Be colorblind because GOD has no color. Spirit has no gender, no color, no creed and no hate. This is a safe place 🌺💝🌺

2. Give what you wish to receive.

Be mindful of those who are seeking. Remember where you came from. Treat people with compassionate grace. There is NO such thing as competition in spirituality. 🌺💝🌺

3. Shine people’s lights.

As light workers we all know that we crash and burn sometimes. The main purpose of this club is to be here for each other and provide space holding for the next one when they need it. BE the love. 🌺💝🌺

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