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Updated: Jun 22, 2021


Clubhouse Research Agency (chra)

A place dedicated to studying information and politics - in clubhouse and the world.

We talk about politics, culture, exponential tech, philosophy, media, artificial intelligence, decentralization, and policy.

Here, we investigate the irrationality of information. We uncover psychological flaws, economic incentives and media corruption that allows for widespread disinformation from mainstream channels. We go deeper into the fundamental nature of information with the core mission of making the world a clearer, more understandable place.

Media Mondays - 3PM PST

We break down the distortion from both sides of the media and get to the truth. Home of the Meta Politics premieres.

Narrative Sunday - 3PM PST

We talk about communication itself, from clubhouse protocols to network effects to narrative bias and conspiracy theories. The deepest, most hardcore room of the three.

Discord: (you can also find this link on Cactus’ Twitter)
Club by Cactus Chu (Please follow @metapol)

Host of Meta Politics Podcast:

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