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@DecolonizingGBL on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. DECOLONIZING TECH is a brain trust of international industry, thought, academic, and political leaders that think about and debate the DECOLONIZATION and DECENTRALIZATION of the GLOBE and its impact on society, particularly in emerging markets and more so in the developing world through TECH. We’re Envisioning a Decolonized Global Paradigm!

The big question of the 21st century is can we Sherman Act GLOBAL BIG TECH?

In this increasingly digital age, big tech and big data could arguably be a manifestation of neo-colonialism. WE don’t think that’s quite right, fair, equitable, or democratic. WE wanna change that. For generation Z, and for future generations!

We’re here to avoid a hot war, an ideological war, a tech war, a culture war, a currency and capital war, a media war etc.! We do that one fact-based conversation at a time.

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#Erase9Dashes #FreeOurSEAs #DecolonizePH #DecolonizeAsia #DecolonizeIndoPacific #DecolonizeASEAN #DecolonizeGlobal #DecolonizeSEA #DecolonizeAfrica #DecolonizeMENA #DecolonizeSouthAmerica #DecolonizeCentralAmerica

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🔊This is not an echo chamber!

This is a round table, a forum for discussion, a venue for EDUCATED and INFORMED debate. That means mutual respect and understanding regardless of whether or not you hold opposing views.

✉️ Invite 10 people who might be interested!

We’re trying to grow this community to be a very diverse group of multidisciplinary and international deep thinkers. Invite at least 10 friends or acquaintances who you think might be interested!

(REC 🔴) Conversations may be recorded!

For the most part, only speak up if you’re ok comfortable going on the record! (Exceptions and considerations can be made, if you do contact the mods)

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