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Updated: Jul 16, 2021


👋🏾안녕하세요 여러분! 한국 드라마나 영화를 좋아하세요? Do you like to watch Korean dramas or Korean movies and chat about them? Well, you need to join this Club like umm now! Come in and share your favorite dramas, movies, actors and more. This club is all about bringing fans together and gaining community. We will most likely laugh, cry and say 대박 & 진짜 a million times, so be ready!

⚜️Club 🏠 Est. January 14, 2021
by Danielle @sprinklesofzeal ⚜️
🎟 How to become a member quickly?

🎉To join the kdrama club, click "follow" and make sure that you’re following the founder Danielle @sprinklesofzeal, the first person on this list. This will help me to find you quicker on the list since I have to manually add members.

🤝Want to share the club with your other friends? Tap the +👤 icon to nominate to them. It’s super easy!

No permissions are necessary, but please review the rules and make sure to add a topic.

🎙Create rooms to chat with other members about kdramas, variety shows or korean movies!
🎙Schedule a room to chat about your favorite Korean actors!
🎙Schedule a room to discuss upcoming shows! Please review the rules by clicking the ••• icon.

🎬Want to share some drama or movie
📩 @thekdramaclub only on Twitter

⚠️If you feel like someone is violating the rules or trolling, please report them or reach out to the founder Danielle @sprinklesofzeal

🔴 Live Weekly Chats
✳️ @bineleehearts
✳️: @jeaniechanglmft
✳️: @mariannabaroli

❤️Be sure to follow the speakers to stay up to date!


🎤 Mute your mic & Reset the room often.

🤫 If you’re on stage, mute your mic until you’re called on.
⏪ Reset the room often if you see a lot of new people coming into your room. It helps people know what you’re discussing.

🎙Start a room that is on topic with Korean 📺

Create a topic and a little description to help people know what you’re discussing. Do not start silent/following rooms, political rooms or off topic rooms. It can lead to being dismissed as a member.

⚠️ Important Rule ⚠️

You will be removed from the club for spamming, discrimination, abuse or misuse of the kdrama club. We want to keep this community open and loving towards all people. Respect all members and the rules

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Day Followers Gain % Gain
July 09, 2021 2,448 +25 +1.1%
July 07, 2021 2,423 +34 +1.5%
July 06, 2021 2,389 +20 +0.9%
July 05, 2021 2,369 +28 +1.2%
July 04, 2021 2,341 -6 -0.3%
July 02, 2021 2,347 -6 -0.3%
July 01, 2021 2,353 -69 -2.9%
June 29, 2021 2,422 +23 +1.0%
June 28, 2021 2,399 +30 +1.3%
June 27, 2021 2,369 +48 +2.1%
June 26, 2021 2,321 +37 +1.7%
June 25, 2021 2,284 -30 -1.3%


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