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Most Followed Users

Name Followers Following Registered
6.5M 677 Mar 17, 2020
5.8M 2.1k Mar 17, 2020
5.4M 1.4k May 16, 2020
5.2M 416 May 17, 2020
5M 1k Apr 23, 2020
4.9M 107 Apr 21, 2020
4.8M 402 Apr 21, 2020
4.7M 682 Apr 18, 2020
4.6M 1k May 16, 2020
4.5M 447 May 19, 2020
4.5M 251 Apr 29, 2020
4.4M 1k Apr 5, 2020
4.4M 825 Apr 19, 2020
4.3M 76 May 23, 2020
4.2M 255 Apr 22, 2020
4.2M 821 May 12, 2020
4.1M 1k Aug 17, 2020
4M 809 May 22, 2020
3.9M 1.5k Apr 16, 2020
3.8M 192 Apr 26, 2020
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Most Followed Clubs

Club Followers Members
541.4k 29.9k
470.9k 157k
401k 230
394.3k 70.6k
306.6k 7.1k
295k 268
273k 199
223.4k 127k
219.1k 16.3k
217.1k 28
215.1k 5.6k
204.4k 5.1k
203.5k 35k
197k 45k
189.8k 6.1k
180.3k 6.7k
176.2k 21.1k
175.4k 541
168.1k 1.9k
162.4k 6.4k
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Clubhouse launched back in April 2020, but only recently has been gaining a ton of tractions with some celebrities and high profile people.

The accessing piece is really important here because at the time of this writing, Clubhouse is an invite-only social media platform. So, to access the app, you actually have to be invited by somebody who's already on there.

That is because Clubhouse simply just doesn't have the infrastructure in place to currently support a public release.

What makes Clubhouse extremely unique is the fact that it is entirely audio based. So there are no pictures, there are no videos. It is entirely audio based meaning you can communicate one-to-one with people. You can either talk to or listen to people on the platform.