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Updated: Aug 6, 2022


Noblesse Oblige is the obligation of people from a noble ancestry or in positions of power to act honorably and generously towards others.
To share what we know,
to share what we’re learning,
with kindness.
That’s the goal of

Be smart. Be concise. If you capture the moment, we'll give you another.


Join us for panel conversations with experts and leaders on genre,
🎞 entertainment tech 🎧 and
narrative design 🧠

Rooms include:

•Film Festival Masterminds
•Reading Out Loud
•Writers Writing About Writing
•Leave A Penny, Take A Penny, give a resource, search for one
•If I Only Knew...
•Narrative Design & Interactive Storytelling ~ the new way forward
•Working On The Vertical
•Work In Progress
•The Battle for Forever - Ent Tech and the consequences
•Writers on the Media Frontier
•Breakthroughs in Audio Entertainment
•Extending Reality
•Virtual Production: Impact on Narrative
•Star Power v/s Indie Storytelling - How Narrative is Evolving


Lisa Lindo 👑
Gary Pearl
Jeff Gomez
Deborah Del Prete
Adhrucia Apana
Jay Kogen
Edward Savio
Versa Manos
Marshall Julius, the Vintage Geek
Gregg Katano
Michael Yedwab
Michael Dube
Colin Aguiar
Drew Walkup
Nathan Adloff
Hilary Barraford
Annie Jeeves
Patricia Chica
Nicole Louise
Al Risi
Paul Riggio
Jason Gurvitz


Be Nice

We share brainy things and prize kindness above all else.

Stay on Topic Please

Sure, we all deviate, we tell anecdotes and we talk about current events within the context of historical nuance. But please, if the title of the room has a topic, try to stick to it.

This is not a club for newbies

If you’re trying to break in, this is not the group for you. If you know of leaders in the space looking for adventures in creativity, please nominate them for membership.

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