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Updated: Nov 30, 2022


This is Alexander, big gob blue background. Welcome to my Clubhouse Tutorial Club!

If you want to learn how to use the Clubhouse app, then stay tuned and look for my rooms about Clubhouse.

You will be able to hear the latest in app releases, tips and tricks! You will also get to learn about stuff that is not so obvious!

Below are some house keeping rules I would like you to be mindful of.

1. Please let other people finish their point even if it’s controversial.

2. Politely vocally agree to disagree with someone’s point if you do not like where it’s going or disagree with it.

3. Do not announce that you are leaving the room. It disrupts the flow. You can just press ‘Leave Quietly’ and no one will be offended.

4. Please respect the queuing system if there is one although you might be anxious to make your point.

5. Mute your microphone when you are brought up onto the stage and keep it muted until you are speaking if not there will be audio feedback and unnecessary background noise that disrupts the room.

6. Name calling, bullying, weaponising terms of racial endearment will not be tolerated. We are in the presence of people that may have a different sexual or religious or political preference and or people from different racial backgrounds, so please be mindful of what you say how you frame it how you project your opinions etc.

7. I don’t like to mute, move people to audience or remove persons from my rooms but I will if I have to.

8. Try to keep to the topic of the room.

9. My top 5 topics to avoid (if they are going to lead to a negative environment) in my rooms are politics, race, sex, vaccines, religion. Having said that if your are referencing either of those to contextualise a point then it is accepted but if you go too deep into either of those topics I will stop you mid sentence to remind you of this rule.

10. I want all rooms I start to be a safe environment for EVERYONE to enter.

11. If it’s a topicless room then it’s everyone to engage and create a safe and fun environment.


This is Alexander and I’m done speaking!

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