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Updated: Jun 9, 2021


A Consulting Agency for Social Impact❣️
Contact: [email protected]

❣️Building peace and designing impact through culture, conversation and social innovation strategies.

🌐Interdisciplinary problem solving—Because complex problems can’t be solved with same thinking 🤷🏻‍♂️

👥 This experimental space in Clubhouse is open to all—simply set up a room
and invite others to the table.

✅ See Club Rules for tips and guidelines from the Likehearted Method on the art of holding space.


Good Mood Mondays 😎
Live Performances!🎙🎷🎻🎹🎸
1st & 3rd Mondays (now booking)
@spiritofoya @killbillsax @djcalifia @dj_joe_storm @vknowledge

Talent EcoSystem w @c2m_christopher
Fridays 8PM PDT / 11PM EST
Sundays 7PM PDT / 10PM EST

🗓 To Schedule a Public Room
🗓 on the Clubhouse calendar:
🗓 Add Co-Hosts: @likehearted & @vknowledge (DM for request to follow back)
🗓 Select Host Club: The Likehearted Project

✳️ Assistance, Topic Submissions
✳️ or Help with Moderating
💌 DM @vknowledge

Club Admins
@clarencemsani (South Africa)
@c2m_christopher (Boston, MA)
@veronicagan (Philippines)
@tongsayor (London, UK)
@shayizms (Tennessee)
@authoralicia (DC/Chicago, IL)
@spiritofoya (Los Angeles, CA)
@daniellestroman (Philadelphia, PA)


Multiple Truths Can Exist

Honor each other’s diverse perspectives. Sharing our unique experiences are key to unlocking barriers that we may not even know exist.

Set the Purpose and Intention

Use a framework or an event planning model that can be tailored to create a room that is manageable. Work as a team to move the intention forward. Listen for understanding and be solution-oriented.

Encourage Collaboration and Action

Further your work as a connector, change agent, or multi-disciplinary practitioner. Invite various sectors & industries to the conversation to tackle the challenge with key perspectives.

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