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Updated: Jul 13, 2021


🎪 Clubhouse's premiere venue for stand-up shows, roasts and all things comedy!

🎤 Join us for Impromptu Events and for our Scheduled Programming featuring the best comedians from around the world!

🌟 For Show Dates: HotontheMic.Club

🎟 Current Shows:

⏰ Sundays 7pm PST —
Make Leah Laugh
Comedians perform their best 1 minute of stand-up, impressions or character work for a panel of experts!

☕️ Sundays + Thursdays 9pm PST —
The Midnight Roast
Come get roasted by Paul Elia, Danish Maqbool + the best comedians from around the world! Not for sensitive people. 🙃

🎪 M-F, 12:05pm PST —
Afternoon Delight Comedy Show!
Hot on the Mic regulars perform during your lunch hour (it’s lunch somewhere?!)!

Every Other Monday, 8pm PST —
😂 Womxn in Comedy Do 2 Min 🚀
Womxn from around the world perform stand-up.

🔥 Tuesdays, 9pm PST —
👺🚨🔥 7th Layer of Hell: A Game Show.
Come hang out with your fav devils. Good jokes get rewarded. Bad jokes get punished. But we love a redemption round. Join us in Hell! 👹⚰️🔪

✍🏻 Wednesdays, 2pm PST —
Turn Problems into Punchlines
Judy Carter author of “The New Comedy Bible” helps you hone the craft of comedy. Class includes: Joke writing exercises. Judy will punch up your material!!! 🥊🔥😂

🍆 Wednesdays, 6pm PST —
Cumedy: A Comedy Sex Advice Show, Featuring: Nicole Aimée Schreiber, Alan Starzinski, Leah Lamarr and Dr. Justin Dubin.
Bad advice from great comedians! Oh, yeah! And a doctor! 🍆🍑🍣

😳 Thursdays, 1:30pm PST —
Dicksappointed! Wild & Crazy Hook-Up Stories 🤭😝😱
With Oscar Aydin, Nicky Paris, Jessica Oak

✊🏽 Thursdays, 5-6pm PST —
Ask Brown Comedians Anything: 1 Hour Panel
Featuring: Fizaa Dosani, Feraz Ozel, Tehran Von Ghasri, Zahra Ali, Crystal Marie Denha, Neel Nanda, Subhah Agarwal + more! ✊🏽

💯 Pop-Up Events:
Rate My New Jokes
🎤 An open mic where the audience PTRs to a number 1-10 to let the comic know how their new bits are doing.

💌 To Schedule a Show or Event at Hot on the Mic, please DM the Founder, Leah Lamarr, on Instagram @LeahLamarr.

🎉 Please follow Hot on the Mic on Clubhouse and DM @LeahLamarr on Instagram with your CH username to request membership!


No Hate Speech

No intentionally derogatory language: including, but not limited to: sexist, racist, homophobic phrases or words and/or any other forms of hate speech.

Have Fun!

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