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We are Heaven on Earth is our Club .. I am here to help others and grow in my own elevation and accent-ion.. as-send.. grow higher.. release the ick.. we gotta get real y’all.. it’s rough out there.. we have enabled bad people for way 2 long.. and hurt the good people.. we are living through times of crisis and disaster … forcing others out of their comfort zones.. and fears.. to grow for their own survival.. let’s Understand each other better.. we are just … now .. learning better ways to communicate.. go High Vibe or be stuck in negative.. negative cycles.. and a yucky life’s journey of repeating awful generational patterning… honor the ones that are good to you.. the ones that warn you .. that care about you… that check up on you.. that send you boxes of
Hope.. give back to them.. & that really want you to succeed … we share hope in our miracle stories.. so you can go higher through the valleys and deepest valleys

I put together healing centers to get rid of trauma .. learn your spiritual gifts and use them daily.. and better tools.. better ways… build your high brain…

I am a manifesting guide.. for private clients.. groups and outreach

I co founded a functional Wellness Center.. we are building a Spectacular Green Retreat Center.. Returning to what is important

I have two not for profits.. coming soon..

I am a prayer Warrior.. companies and not for profits hire me to pray and manifest for them..

We need to learn how to listen and really treasure our real friends

I am a debilitating pain survivor since 2008 .. it cost 3 million dollars to save my life.. I experienced extreme hell .. so we can make your life easier.. let’s allow it to come through for you

Stop judging and making up slanderous gossip stories for your click.. Get out of your comfort zone and get in the game.. we are living through Biblical storms and Wars.. food shortages.. stop hiding in addictions and entitlement.. stop hiding and Help

A therapist comes in on Wednesday’s from 12-12:50 pm Central US.. then we go to popcorn 🍿.. then we go to group chat.. We are Heaven on Earth club .. we have been doing this service for a year and four months.. start paying attention to the good.. yall .. Jeff Cockerham from Knoxville Tennessee..

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