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Updated: Jul 2, 2021


👽Roaming souls finding their way back home. If you want to heal the world 🌎, heal yourself! What you do on the outside is only emulating 🪞🤔what’s going on in the inside. Everyone is entitled to free will 🎬🎤and their interpretation of life.. Enjoy your reality!🧬🎼. ♻️ Anyone is welcome to open a room and feel free to make it whatever you want to make it about♻️ No matter the background, attitude, belief, thought, emotion, race, gender, sexuality... we all have a right to take up space and speak our truths🪡🌏


Rule #1 Freedom

Freedom is yours as it has always been! Everyone has a right to feel, think, speak, do as they want, the same as you!

Rule #2 Triggers

If you feel triggered by anything discussed, let this be acknowledgement for you to know there is something out of alignment and there is something that needs healing and your attention.

Rule #3 Respect

We respect where everyone is in their path of evolution. We may not like what they say but we can respect it because that is their truth. If you respect yourself, the world will follow suit!

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