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Updated: Jun 16, 2021


Welcome to the Spiritual Rooftop. Throughout the confusion of Awakening comes fulfillment. Here we share our personal experiences, opinions, and journey along the road to Ascension and beyond.

We are not beings who are to retain, repress, withhold, but beings who should be as an eternal, flowing river, that a cargo of God‘s sunshine and blessings may be forever born and go forth to the Great sea of life beyond us to the souls who are in darkness, to the souls who are drifting rudderless, to the ships that are passed in the shadows. Service renders you eligible to the store house of God where “all that the Father hath is thine. “ You can enter the fathers mansion only by the consciousness of your service being truly well done. Service Cleves a mighty channel through which the ocean of life may flow, and upon it ever is bound the cargo of God‘s love and blessing.
The major jewel in the crown of wisdom is discrimination. All possess wisdom to a greater or lesser degree, all have access to the boundless resources of love, truth, and strength. It is through discrimination that we find the means to utilize constructively these wonderful aspects of divine mind.


Be Respectful

This is an inclusive non-discriminating and non-judgmental space. Negativity is not tolerated and you will be removed from the club. Please be kind.


Please be mindful that members are sharing their opinions and personal experiences.


Tarot/Oracle readings are for entertainment purposes only. They are not a substitute for legal, medical, or psychological advice of any kind. You are responsible for your actions.

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