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💥 Fun 🌳 Philosophy Topics
Updated: Jun 7, 2021


A club to: Combine, Connect, Join, Link, and Unite A CONNECTION BETWEEN
ALL THINGS, ALL SUBJECTS: ALL PEOPLE: EVERYTHING! Rooms subjects with a variety of Moderators based on their knowledge, experience areas, and expertise.We plan to have FUN TOO! 🥳🎉🍾👏
Put the word ROOMS behind each of these topics, then You Will Understand Celebrate Life 🔹Play Games 🔹Talk Dreams🔹Guided Meditation🔹Telling Jokes🔹Speaking Your Mind🔹Learning Sumthin New🔹Singing Bowls at Bedtime🔹Clubhouse Conversation/Feedback🔹Physical~Emotional~ Psychological Pain🔹Talk Trees🔹Language🔹Reading Poetry🔹Reading/discussing Ancient Scripture🔹OR Poignant Passages🔹Inspiring Conversation



Respect Your Self, your neighbor, in life, in these rooms and in this club. Common sense,

No Ego/Safe Space/Adults

Judgment free space honoring all people. Mute when you are not speaking. Allowing others prospective and space to speak and be heard. Be patient, but please let us know if you are not heard.

Bring value to conversations

We strive to bring content of value to you. Allowing for growth and flow of learning & inspiring each other. Bring value not just to market yourself and your club. It is an equal exchange of energies.

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