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Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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CEO & Editor in Chief Africa 21st Century News & Galaxy 21st Entertainment.
❤️I am a firm believer the power of media to be used for the greater good & show case the beauty of our intertwined common humanity. The media can also enlighten the masses of how both their private and governmental enterprises work & alert 🚨 the public at large any wrong doings that may arise!!!.

💡🦅🦁💡I am also an avid optimist & bubbly personality full of cheerful high spirit with big dreams & goals . I don’t let outside world control & dictate me of how I should act and live my life. I see things in the aspect of eternal destiny!!!

🌎🦁🌴🦅🌎Global citizen at heart ❤️ 💡🔥❤️with nomadic cultural style upbringing. I cherish and celebrate the undeniable beauty of human diversity 🔥❤️🔥

❤️🦁🦅❤️I don’t collect insignificant accolades, but I keep my eyes 👀 on the big prize of making forever lasting legacy of uplifting the masses of Africa ( the richest continent on this tiny island 🌴 so-called Mother Earth 🌍) out of poverty & into a world of abundance based on democracy, entrepreneurship & most importantly innovation, WabilahiTawfiq ( All success is due to and because of Allah/God, All-Knowing!!!)

🔥🦁🦅🔥Hobby with purpose driven cause & having fun at the same time:
🥊An avid writer and reader .
🥊 Extreme & high intensity Fitness
🥊Travel enthusiast with purpose
🥊Skin care industry
🥊Green technology
🥊Love cultural festival.
🥊Studying the effects of different fruits & vegetables in our body system. Not a fan of meat & diary products !!.
🥊I love getting to know how human anatomy functions!.
🥊Any kind of soothing and uplifting music 🎶.
🥊Outdoor hiking 🥾.
🥊Love politics based on respectful , meaningful & open minded debate .No party affiliation, but an ultra independent voter!.
🥊Big fan & loyal student of technology
🥊Love to study up close & intrigued of how stock market effects our world 🌎 either for the worst or the better !!!.

A true & genuine success is not a popularity contest ; but a sheer resilience & unwavering determination by restless humble servant, Invisible Soul/Energy/Universe /Spirit to make an everlasting difference for the betterment of all humanity to be cherished in infinite!!!.

Be the shadow & sweet music melody of your eternal Destiny ( DreamBig & Superstitiously Imagination) by being both your worst critic & your best cheerleader, WabilahiTawfiq ( All success is due to & because of Allah/God, All-Knowing !!!)

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