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Updated: Sep 25, 2022


Sister chat is space for our listeners to join us to share our thoughts opinions on the things that impact our lives as women. Join the sisterhood.

Be yourself

We encourage every member to be authentic to themselves. Our aim is to have space for women to support, learn and grow. Nothing on the internet is safe and we do provide resources for any sister in crisis. Thank you for being a part of our sisterhood!

Be supportive

We believe in women supporting other women we believe there is room for all. Let us know if you want to promote something we are happy to give you the space.

We provide a space for women to speak their minds and have a voice.

For advice please email us at [email protected]

We do not say your name or info but only read the question where answers are provided by our members who can provide you different perspectives.


Be Respectful

We operate on a anti-oppression framework. This is an inclusive space for all women. Be kind and respectful to all. Do not put down or shame anyone . We have zero tolerance for disrespect.

Be Inclusive

This is safe space for all women of diverse backgrounds. Please be mindful of that when you are speaking.

No interruptions / Stay on topic

Do not over talk each other. We will make sure everyone is heard and is valued. We do not tolerate trolling, disrespect or any form of shaming, you will be removed from the room and club.

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October 27, 2021 1,833 +16 +0.9%
August 21, 2021 1,817 +1 +0.1%
August 19, 2021 1,816 +2 +0.2%
August 18, 2021 1,814 -1 -0.1%
August 17, 2021 1,815 -6 -0.4%
August 15, 2021 1,821 +2 +0.2%


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