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Updated: May 21, 2022


Global Creative Agency

Welcome to our digital space [The Crib] built for the cultivating of cultural conversations, Global connections, Master Classes + Workshops, Art + Music to Unpack✨

✨1st Poetry Group + Open Mic on Clubhouse🤟🏾✨

*Nominate like-minded creators* #WAKEBAKEPOETRY OPEN MIC| 6AM (eastern) till the Homies are exhausted DAILY.

Creators of:
#HOODTHERAPY™️ 💆🏾‍♀️💆🏾

Writing Prompts @thecribsoswanky Submissions: [email protected] (include your social handles in the email so that we can tag you!)

✨Go to sleep or Wake up with us✨ •The Crib Presents: 🎙


Monday Night’s w| Spill’d Inc.
Spill’d Easy Radio
@ 8:30pm ET every Monday Night


Creative Connections
Resources, Mentor/Mentee opportunities
@ 10:30PM-11:30PM ET Every Tuesday Morning


Workshop Wednesday’s w| Darynee x RJ Wright 📝✍🏾📓
@ 9pm ET every Wednesday Night ➕

THURSDAY: HEMP & HERBZ Hosted By Free Self A learning space for the herbalist community & commonality to share tips, concepts and promote a herbal approach to everyday life! FRIDAY

#SNATCHTHEMIC™️ Friday’s 😈🎤👂🏾
Respectfully Disrespectful- GIMME DAT
@ 9PM ET every Friday Night


Swanky Saturday’s 💕🧘🏾‍♂️☕️
#HOODTHERAPY™️ #MentalHealthCheck-in’s
@ 12pm ET every Saturday Afternoon

Establishing= Afro-Futuristic Utopian

[We believe that there is beauty in working with creators from the ground up; Planting the seed, watering and nurturing each one individually and creatively to allow them to bloom the way they desire.]

We are a Global collective of creators!

Become an active member:
Host rooms

DM @thecribsoswanky on Instagram
Mental Health Check-in Playlist: Coming soon 💌




Respect everyone on the stage, this is a safe space! Respect the mic, respect the speakers, respect The Crib. Also... NO DISCLAIMERS! Be confident in your work or go back to the audience. ✌🏾

No Fangirling/boying

When “celebrities” are in The Crib, treat them as you would anyone else. Save the fanatic shit for those other rooms boo! Everyone is to be treated as if this is their #Crib, NO FANGIRL/FANBOY SHIT‼️‼️‼️

Push your pen

Take advantage of the writing prompts, & push your pen ✨🎤 🖊 Submissions: [email protected] (include your social handles in the email so you can be tagged!)

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