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Updated: Jun 10, 2021


Midlife women - you have found your tribe!

We are midlife women over 50 who are disrupting the narrative about aging, dismantling ageism and defying society’s beliefs about life after 50.

We value intergeneration conversations about proaging and invite members of all ages to join. Baby boomers, Gen Z and Gen X - let’s unite.
To become a member:

1. Follow the club owner, Terri Holley (first profile pic shown on the member list)

2. Follow the club

Don’t keep us a secret! Be sure to nominate a few woman after you become a member. Strength is in numbers and we are stronger together!

Welcome to the flip! ❤️


Maintain a safe and inclusive space.

Honor and respect the voice and time of your fellow co-moderators and audience members.

Attend rooms with curiosity and the desire to learn.

Protect the integrity or our rooms by bringing value and setting a goal to leave with a result. Please reserve business pitches for our meet and greets which are held regularly.

Strengthen our impact.

Disrupting aging takes a village. Please nominate a few women to join the club. There is strength in numbers and we are stronger together. 🙏🏾

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