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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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Nigeria Blue Economy Project (Founder )
Fable for Nigeria children by prof Gunter
Enabler of collective intelligence
Applied wisdom
Serial entrepreneur
Regenerative agriculture
Climate change advocate
Oxikit Nigeria
Oyster mushroom farmer based in Abuja Nigeria
Ceo and founder( haads global service ltd)
Co founder Haset farms global service Ltd
Step-Up Green Climate initiative
Member of Nigeria Indonesia chamber of commerce and industry (Vp)
Distributor of first dew machine water in Nigeria (Purence)
Member of HBS (disruptive strategy )
Member forum of growth and innovation
Butterfly pea tea manufactur
It’s a widely acknowledged truth that innovation plays a pivotal role in shaping the economic fabric of nations. In particular, market-creating innovations—which create new markets by democratizing access to previously exclusive products—have been a vital force for generating prosperity in wealthy countries, and are integral for building a prosperous future for today’s emerging economies.
Reducing the barriers to consumption: 95% of the organizations we studied reduced more than one of the following barriers: money, time, access, and skill.
Employing breakthrough technology: 55% used business models that employed novel technology not conventionally used in the industry. 100% of organizations redefined their business activities and cost structure in order to reach new consumers while still ensuring a path to profitability.
Integrating internally: 84% took on operations in-house that are conventionally outsourced to industry partners.
Integrating externally.
Managing government relations: 57% devoted significant time and energy to managing relations with the state.
The encouraging findings of this research reveal that market-creating organizations have far more control over their destiny than many previously imagined. By using the strategies outlined in this research as guideposts, innovators can, to a large degree, make their own luck. In doing so, they stand to not only generate significant wealth for themselves, but also trigger shared prosperity in nations where many live in poverty.

Creating prosperity to rural communities in some states in Nig through commodities production and off taking from the farmer also giving back to the community through CSR
Design laboratories for tertiary and secondary school in Nig
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