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Updated: Jun 23, 2022


We are a community united by the belief that we can no longer afford to manage our wealth without regard for the impact it has on people and our planet.

We are here to explore new ways of using our wealth to tackle the complex social and environmental challenges of our day.

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To get a text message reminder about joining each episode of the series, text “kwclub” to 1-888-697-1187.

Examples of the topics we discuss:
Personal Finance
Conscious Consumerism
ESG / Responsible / Impact Investing
Social Enterprise
Blended Finance
Climate Change
Regenerative and Circular Economy
UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
These are just some of the social and environmental issues we wrestle with: wealth inequality, systemic racism and misogyny, climate justice, modern slavery, human trafficking, and MANY others.

If you want to share ideas, propose a talk, or even start a room under our club, please get in touch!

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Default to curiosity

As listeners we default to curiosity, especially when others present a different perspective. We seek to understand our biases and challenge our long-held assumptions.

Embrace diversity

We make space for a diverse community to represent diverse perspectives and lived experiences. We seek to include and learn from the communities we seek to serve through social impact.

Be kind and generous

Assume the best in others and offer kindness and generosity to others. Let’s model the behavior we wish to see in the world.

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