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Most interested in connecting with others in authenticity, respect, and divine love.

💖 We all are one 💖

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”
Carl Jung

Despite being an Intuitive I began my journey from a scientific mindset due to trying to dissociate myself from my body and my emotions. I have to laugh hysterically at myself and my ego over that.


My professional career began as an Analytical Research Scientist (Chemistry and Biology) and Medical Technologist 1979-1992.

I began my conscious healing journey at 23 despite my great resistance. This journey kicked into high priority gear ⚙️ in 1990. I had a simple choice “get busy living” or keep trying to be “normal” 😂😂 and keep busy dying slowly.

As life unfolded and enfolded I made the commitment to “Living in Process” and transitioned into becoming a Holistic Practitioner beginning in 1991.

💗 I am a healing facilitator
💗 I am a Specialized Kinesiologist.
💗 I am a scientist.
💗 I am an intuitive.
💗 I am a writer and a poet.
💗 I am an animal communicator.

🐶🐴🐈🦅Animal Communicating (Really means just being present with, actively listening to, sharing with others, and taking action upon or embodying what these beautiful beings have to share and teach all of us)
Nicknamed Dr. DoMore by BrianThe Healer (😂)

I am still a nerd and love studying and researching in multiple areas.

I loved 💗 and thrived teaching A&P from 1995-2000. I experienced such joy doing this from a place of holism, most especially from an open hearted authentic life.

My journey continued by completing a MA in Counseling 2011. This gave me the opportunity to begin to learn about counseling.

I love being a bridge on multiple levels!!!
💗🌈 🐶🐰🐝🐬🐠🐳🐴😽🌈💗


The LIVING COLOR ROOM named my voice “Sweet Country Corn”.

Donations: CashAp. $SherriDJefferson

Invited by: Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

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