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Updated: Aug 12, 2022
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Automation & Business Transformation
‘Software ate the world, now #ai is eating software. ‘ cc Marc Andreessen

Automate your business process & workflow with code, low code and no code solutions.
Easy to develop your own personal assistant. It will help you to automate 90% of your daily work.

What are your insights?
Looking forward to meet and talk.

🦾Looking for Software as a Service Saas, MaaS, PaaS, erp, crm, PSA and Rpa alternatives.
Looking for new #ai #ml data driven solutions & blockchain applications.

Industry4.0 🇺🇸🇩🇰🇩🇪🇳🇱🇪🇺 smart industry
Looking forward to talk and review the next big thing/ pitch deck.
Talent, skills and expertise?
Please don’t hesitate to get into contact.

Lets talk about:
✅New business
✅Change & transformation
✅BPM Process Management Mapping Mining Improvement & Automation
✅#rpa Robotic Process Automation
✅Vendor selection
✅Connectors, Integrators
✅Self help applications eg #Chatbot #Voicebot
✅Industrial Robots
✅#ai artificial intelligence #ml and data driven applications
✅Ecosystems Proptech, Fintech, foodtech high tech and low tech.
✅Roi calculations, feasibility studies, make or buy decisions.

🕖 Clubhouse agenda:
Automation & Robotics
Looking forward to receive new business plans, contact with agents, professionals and suppliers..

✅Real estate & Secondhome
Buy to let in Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands. Million dollar listing Florida USA

✅Property / hotel rental & hospitality
✅3 d print your own house
✅Automation Future of work

✅Industrial robots: eg KUKA - Yaskawa - Teradyne - Fanuc ...
✅Material handling, manufacturing, warehouse and logistic solutions
✅Universal Robots- Hanwha- Baxter Sirris (Sawyer)- Techman cobots- Hyundai
✅Application Dev. MADP
Salesforce, Outsystems, Mendix, ServiceNow, Microsoft, Betty Blocks, Pegasystems, Oracle, Kony, eg.

✅#rpa RoboticProcessAutomation
UiPath - Automation Anywhere - RoboPlatform - SAIO- Blue Prism - WorkFusion - Kofax - Pegasystems - NICE- Kryon Systems - Antworks- ..

✅Easy to change from/to :exact, afas, Sap, Oracle, Microsoft
✅Easy2change & easy to avoid vendor lock-in

Our robots and digital assistants will help you to automate the dull, dirty, dangerous and dear tasks.
Roi <3 weeks <3 months

Please don’t hesitate and contact me via LinkedIn, Twitter or DM. Feel free to subscribe for the 'Automation Robotics club via the icon below in the left corner.

Invited by: Stefan Bassant

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