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Updated: Nov 25, 2022


⏯ This group is curated, moderated & hosted by;

📍 Navneeth Vallabh

♠Clinical Hypnotherapist,
♠Past life Regression Therapist,
♠Dream Analyst,
♠Keynote Speaker,
♠Relationship Coach,
♠Wellness Coach,
♠Corporate Trainer &

🏅 Member International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association, USA

🏅 Member Rotary Club Of Delhi Madhyam

📡🎬Also into media ventures;
Chairperson NVFP Pvt.Ltd (media company/production house)

🎞🖋📑Brand Strategist, Content Creator, Content Strategist, Product Stylist, Writer

📌Dearest Friends, hoping all is well

📍Being a pioneer in the field of emotional wellness, mental health & special focus on Relationship, hypnotherapy & past life regression sessions & trainings; my intention here is providing you with Individual, Group & Corporate & wellness mentoring programs.💐

📍Vishwas Healing Centre is one of the foremost international institutes offering past life regression/ hypnotherapy trainings, indeed this is one of the most powerful wellness training programs accepted worldwide.

📍You are only an application away from happier clients & a better career.

📍Yes, that's right I am looking forward towards creating more wellness nationally & globally. 

📍Wellness, I believe it’s a journey and paves the way for helping you develop the capacity to have more fulfilling relationships, help you in making more effective use of your talents & abilities, maintain a realistically based sense of self-esteem, tolerate a wider range of emotions of the other people you face in your life, to have more satisfying intimate experiences, understand self & others in more better & meaningful ways & face life’s challenges with greater freedom & flexibility. 

📍Such ends are pursued through a process of self-reflection, self-exploration & self-discovery that takes place in the context of a safe & deeply authentic relationship between therapist & client. 

📍So friends, see you all soon, we will have regular talks in this group on wellness.

💫Open for collaborations, advising roles, podcast interviews, mentoring, counseling, healing & leveling each other up.😇

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1. No giving advise without a question raised.

When someone offers their opinion on what you could be doing differently, it can sometimes feel like criticism. So make sure you seek permission with moderators before giving any kind of advises.

2. No over-talking anyone.

In the absence of inperson opportunities, how you engage with others in a virtual environment is the primary driver of your relationships,professional or otherwise. So make sure no over-talking anyone

3. No Unparliamentary languages encouraged.

A time when abusive language has almost become an acceptable part, but we encourage speakers should refrain from using “defamatory or indecent or undignified or unparliamentary words” in the rooms.

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