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Updated: Jun 10, 2021


🐈‍⬛🐾 If you love CATS! 𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 to the only cat and woo club by cat expert/author and cat shaman Layla Morgan Wilde, founder of Cat Wisdom 101, @blackcatsofig and Black Cat Awareness Month.

🤝Help us built this community.
To become a member:
1️⃣Click the FOLLOW button
2️⃣ Follow Layla @boomermuse 1st name.
3️⃣ Nominate a member. Click the + 👤icon to invite them in.
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✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️Seeking moderators to co-host.
Text or DM Layla to host your own room. ______________________________________________📝CURRENT schedule: 🔮...MONDAY 1:30PM EST: Feline Woo. Everything magical, mystical from tarot, energy healing to animal communication. ……………..🐈‍⬛TUESDAY 2 PM EST: Open Forum . 🌈 WEDNESDAY 5 PM EST: Pet Loss.
❓FRIDAY 1 PM EST: Ask a Cat Expert
😻SATURDAY 3 PM EST Caturday pop culture and other cat chat fun. ___________________________________

💞All are welcome to this cozy, safe and supportive community for meaningful cat chat and storytelling 🗣🐱
A few of the topics for events/rooms include:
🐈‍⬛Ask me anything🗯
🐈‍⬛ Holistic cat care 💟🩺
🐈‍⬛Training and behavior 🪄
🐈‍⬛ Feline nutrition 🧆🍖🚰
🐈‍⬛ Grooming tips 🛁🪥
🐈‍⬛ All things adoption 👨‍🍼
🐈‍⬛ Best cat products 🎣
🐈‍⬛ Travel or moving with cats🗺
🐈‍⬛ Animal communication 🔮
🐈‍⬛ Keeping your cat safe ⛑
🐈‍⬛ Oh no! My cat just...

⭐️Everything Cat Culture⭐️
Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Caturday, cat 🎃holidays, 🐈celibricats, kitty fashion, art, photography, 📚Cat books and more!

☯️Feline woo 🕯✨💎🧿spirituality, shadow work, energy healing, familiars, Reiki, astrology, numerology, tarot, crystals, feng shui, witches, shamanism, etc.
😹 Funny stories
😿 Pet loss stories & support ☕️
We honor and celebrate every stage and age of our beloved cat companions.
✅ Text Layla @boomermuse or DM @blackcatsofig your comments or room suggestions.
Want to sponsor, collaborate, host or co-host🎤? 📲email Layla at [email protected]

Let’s share 🗣 💋the cat love 😻 all over the world 🌎🌍🌏



Rule #2

This is an inclusive, safe space. No bullying or cattiness tolerated.

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