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Multidisciplinary & Crypto Artist/ Curator/ Strategist| Culture Creator| Abolitionist| Polymath| Advocate for Education Access. Host/ Moderator.

•Spoken Word Poetry
•Performance Art
•Voice Over
•Creative Direction
•Fashion Styling
•Event Production
•Audio Fidelity

Creator of the ‘Teach Reading Now’ literacy program for underserved communities.

Marginalized women and girls are centered in my art and advocacy.
~Strong supporter of Sweden’s Nordic Model/Equality model implementation around the planet. #endthedemand
~PSA: The term ‘sex worker’ INCLUDES both ‘Prostituted People’ AND the profiteers (pimps/ traffickers/ brothel owners) grouped TOGETHER. Survivors of the system ask us to be specific with our words.

~Racial Equity Fellow (D.E.A.L, Civil Rights Center, Wayne State School of Law). #MMIW #decolonize #humanrights

•Based in Detroit USA
~Once performed on a mountain at sunset at 9,500ft 🔥
~Member of (Int. women in the music industry).
~House & Techno, Latin/Afro Rhythms.
•Stealth Records
•Rebel Eye Records
•PTZ Records
•MoveUBabe Records
•Universal Motown Records

Choreography: Includes over 45 Music Videos and 2 television dance series.

Bi-Cultural⚡️Latinx Vegan (Mexica Poblana & Chinese)
💜 Polyglot.
💜 Very fond of SCIENCE & HISTORY
~Dancing into flow states.
~Full of gratitude in life.
~ENFJ / 8w9

•BENTO-POP Collection on
•OCHRE-SKY Collection at
•@pilarcote on
⚡️Change is coming.

Club Founder: Momentum Is Ours ~Sisterhood & Solidarity ~Join 3.2K members!!⚡️

Club Founder: The Warehouse ~Largest Underground House & Techno community on CH-Join 8.4K members below!⚡️

~Host of ‘NFTMatters’

~Co-Host: ‘Poetry, Lyrics & Tea’ room every SUN at 5:30pm EST /2:30pm PST

~SearchLight Curation Group

*FIRST to test & identify bringing clear Audio & Music INTO Clubhouse with pro producers/ engineers/ musicians/ DJs in 2020:




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