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Updated: May 19, 2022


The home and official club for discussing anything and everything regarding music and audio NFTs on Clubhouse. This is not a club to talk about visual art NFTs, but we will allow it if it ties loosely to music. Featured art: Flora Vida, depicted by Raul Sotomayor.

Please leave your ego and your drama at the door. All skill levels (casual to veteran in the space) and enthusiasts of ethereum-built infrastructures and web3 frameworks are welcome to be involved.

MEMBERS: we want you to host your music NFT drop using this club. Please follow the suggested format for room title:
[ARTIST NAME] “Song Name/NFT Name” - Crypto Marketplace

To be invited as a member of this club, you must have a bio description. This is to reduce spam and potential bad actors (trolls).

Please invite your friends, musicians, or anybody who is interested in audio/music NFTs to follow this club! Business/partnership inquiries for the official Music NFTs Club: [email protected]



Diversity is a much. Diversity = Inclusivity + Equity. Marginalized ppl should be prioritized in these spaces. Bigotry in any way, shape, or form will result in ejection from Music NFTs. Be respectful


One mic rule 🎙
Manage your stage: know how you’re going to engage the audience around your room topic
Set a time limit: for responses. 2-3hrs max preferably per room; think before you start your room


Do: Come with fresh perspectives and an inquisitive mind.
Do: Respond with empathy and respect.
Do: Take a deep breath. We’re creating art, not curing cancer.
Do: Be teachable.

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