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Updated: Dec 1, 2022


Testflighters is a community to bring back together early beta users of Clubhouse now that the app has a usercount in the millions.

Consider it an Oasis from the sometimes chaotic nature of ‘Public Clubhouse’, and feel free to open private rooms for either a casual hang or targeted programming.


Members can start private rooms. Nominate liberally!

If you want to start private rooms, feel free. If this gets abused it will be taken away. Feel free to nominate anyone who you think should be part of the club.

Do not use this space to monologue.

Testflighters is a space to connect with each other, not to give speeches. Whether it’s complaining about Clubhouse, how much you hate Marc Andreesen, or whatever. Don’t do it. This will be enforced.

Don’t be malicious to other club members.

Blocking, removing from the room, etc. This also applies to assuming good faith from everyone in the club and treating them accordingly.


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