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👇🏻Grab free writing resources, including my popular How to Write a Book workshop 👇🏻

✍🏼 Founder of School for Writers and advocate for diversifying publishing.

🦄 Creative entrepreneur passionate about sustainable work lives that allow for our humanity and creativity.

🏳️‍🌈 She/xe

IG: @laurenmariefleming and @schoolforwriters

🧑🏻‍💼More about me:

Lauren Marie Fleming is an insightful author, impactful entrepreneur and inspiring speaker. She is the founder of School for Writers, where she and her team help aspiring authors tell their stories and thrive in their creative lives.

Her popular program Write Your Friggin’ Book Already™ helps amateur writers go from idea to publishable book. Through WYFBA and on the School for Writers podcast, Lauren helps historically silenced people rediscover their voice, carve out time for creativity in their busy lives, and stand in the truth that your story matters now more than ever.

In her twenty years as a professional writer, Lauren has written multiple books, been featured in prominent publications including VICE, Curve, Cosmo and the Huffington Post. She is also a sought after and entertaining public speaker, and has spoken at prestigious conferences and colleges including Yale, Brown, Wordstock, and BlogHer.

For over three decades, Lauren has coached writers and speakers to tell heartfelt tales in the most impactful and entertaining way possible. Lauren has worked with some of the world’s most distinguished presenters and authors, including two years directly supporting Tony Robbins on his content and coaching the speakers on his stage.

Lauren is an avid reader, has lived all over the world, and will try anything once, as long as it’s gluten free. When not writing, coaching clients or traveling the world, Lauren can be found walking her dog on the beach in San Diego listening to a good audiobook.

Head to to get free resources from Lauren, including the School for Writers podcast and her popular How to Write a Book workshop.

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