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I'm basically from Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta. Now working in Bangalore.

I'm a BBA Graduate from Oxford University, Bangalore. Then I worked for 2years in Believers Church Medical College Hospital as Guest Relation Executive.

Then I completed Aviation and Hospitality Management and now working as Customer Service Manager in Bangalore Airport.

I'm a Sound Engineer too. Also a Keyboardist, Singer and Music Composer in my free time.

I'm very loving, caring, helping and very much open minded person. If anyone who is like open minded to me, I likes and loves them soo much.

Anyone can share me everything very openly to me. It's between me and that person only. 3rd person will not know it. So can trust me and believes me.

I don't like fake love, care or fake people. I don't like cheating anybody. I just hate cheaters and fake peoples.

I loves to travel. I likes long drives and night rides. I loves driving car and bike.

I likes hearing music, composing music, playing keyboard, shopping, movies, yoga, cycling, swimming, beaches, dancing, parties, pubs etc...

I have no difference between anyone. If it is rich or poor, black or white, educated or uneducated. It's doesn't matters to me. All are equal to me. Also I loves all religions..

Fun, loving, open minded, crazy, hangouts etc.....

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