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A Human
Open minded
Spiritual Exploer
Life Long Learner

I Give True Advice to People Improve there Life even little bit.and I am Doing with Love

Making Sins intentionly
Is A Sign U Don't ❤ Ur Self

මම සුවපත් වේවා!!!
මම නිරෝගී වේවා!!!
සියලු සත්වයෝ සුවපත් වේවා!!!

There is Special Hell for people who do black magic 🧐
I am a Strong Beliver at every day we genarate 😇
Good Karma and Bad karma when U do daily actions. Also past life actions effect on this life as a person
we are going through Unimaginable long Sansaric Journey as Souls 🙏Until we attain Niravna(it is Not same as Moksha in veda )

Real Brahamana Person who has Unlimited Amount of patienceness

And I understand what V do in this Life comes around this Life or in Future Lifes continuosly

Help Others when they need you.
Even they did not said Thank you at least once for you
😇 after even you helping that person😮

Sharing is caring ❤

I value my time and Ur time and it is a 1 way to show ur kindness towords other people

I belive of law of equilibrium
Universal Law of Vaccum

I also belive we can not control things or people around world as we like.
V have to make peace with it.

And I Understand there are people in this world that Can not Understand or Accept the Truth as it is.
So They have to Go There own journey to
found the Truth by Them Self

Likes 2 explore
Theravada Buddhisum
How to improve Dating
IT related topics
Postive Talk
Emortional Inteligence
Story telling

Latin-memento mori

CUSTOMER is Allways a King
Sometimes teachers teaching you can not be get understood because

1)u may not ready to listen to it
2)u may do not want to listen to it
3)U do not Luck to Listen to it

We can do what ever V think Right
But you must know🙄
Nature have very clear rules about what is good and bad 😊

To show U what is right path and what is wrong path for that we need a Truly Enligentened living human Master who understood world
If You Are Lucky You will Find

Chooseing the path you want is your choice

That choice only you can make
Chooseing the correct path or wrong path is your choice. 😊

CHEATING A Good Friend IS a Very Bad Karma for that You Will Suffer Lot In Unlimited amounts of Future Births

KARMA an reincarnation in ENGLISH youtube video

Search videos for Cause and effect law

Invited by: Isuru Weerakkodi

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