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A space for anyone with an idea to learn how to think, validate, test ideas and understand the patterns of value creation through design thinking. We discuss how to design, test and deliver products that customers want. πŸ’™πŸ“² We help you make your ideas in your head and help you visualise it on paper, and teach you how to design it in the business world. πŸ“š So often we hear something along the lines of, "I've got this issue and I've found a way to solve it…I can't believe nobody has done this before" or "somebody has to do something with this it's so good." Ideas are so infectious that sometimes people can't believe no one else shares their passion, until they've run out of money or time. So fail fast and often, seek out the people who will ask the challenging questions and get help from the Design For Business Community to get you over the finishing line. We are a practical club of design thinkers, problem solvers, tech-innovators, and impact drivers that will provide experienced industry insight into multiple different industries, eg. from consulting in fintech, e-commerce, insurance, retail and blockchain. πŸ“± We will be discussing practical advice, skill-set focused knowledge to understand how to create products that are useful and impactful. We will touch upon topics in User Experience, Design Thinking, Product Design, Audio tech, AR & VR tech, startups and entrepreneurship. πŸ“šβ¬‡οΈ meeting Sunday evening at 9pm GMT / 1pm LA time πŸ“†


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