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As a human being and a Psychotherapist, I have come to know the following as simple & true(not easy).
“…the more one is able to laugh when one feels happy, cry when one feels sad, use anger to define specific limits, to make love passionately and to give and receive tenderness fully and openly, the more distant one travels from suffering. The more joy of living when feels, the easier it is to be generous and live with others" —McCullough Vailant, Ph.D.
Currently there is a wait list to work with me. I am making appointments for early July 2022. If you would like to be placed on the wait list, visit
Psychotherapist: sexuality and relationships.
Social Scientist: men, masculinity, linguistics & social coordination dynamics/sexuality/intimacy
(kink/poly/psychedelic/hetero & spiritual friendly.)
My orientation is as an experiential dynamically oriented psychotherapist (EDP for short)

EDP is a catch all for therapies that share common values, methods and perspectives. Sometimes these orientations are referred to as bottom up therapies.

These are therapeutic approaches that privilege affect, emotions, feelings and the body. They focus on the here and now, moment to moment experiencing informed by psychodynamic perspectives(how your history and adaptations impact your current life and especially your relationships), attachment theory, trauma theory, insights from neuroscience and how it intersects with spirituality.
My own spiritual background tends to be rooted in my 50 year background in Daoist meditation, 🧘🏻‍♂️Nei Gung, Chi Gung, Tai Ji Chuan, Yi Chuan other forms of mindful practice and non-duality. ☯️
🤧Allergic to bright siding, spiritual bypassing, scientific reductionism, method evangelizers, pseudo science and snake oil sales people. And no, there is no treatment for this. 🤣🤣😉
🎓 Ph.D. Candidate Human Sexuality, California Institute of integral studies
🎓 M.Ed. Counseling and Human Development, UPenn
🎓D. Min. Pastoral Counseling
🎓M.P.C (Masters in Pastoral Counseling)
🙏Ordained Interfaith Minister New Seminary
❇️Licensed Mental Health Counselor
❇️Board Certified Clinical Sexologist
❇️Board Certified Hypnotherapist ———————————————-
❌DISCLAIMER: CH is NOT therapy. I only speak in generalities.

Invited by: Michelle Debenport

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