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The Only Thing we have is Life. Everything else is Imagination.

Love doesn’t need love back. Love is sufficient in and of itself. Nothing can harm love, move love or discourage love. Love is an expression of Being, so will always be an Experience. Love is the Seat of the Soul and One who knows will not Be Moved. Love.

The language of the mind is thought. The language of the body is feeling. Sit still long enough and you’ll see that your thoughts come from your feelings. And we’re always speaking through our feelings which are the energy in motion (emotion), that animates is All.

Coach’s Talk online or offline. :7042498888 or
Online & Offline Coaching
Boxing Coaching
Athletic Conditioning
Self defense
Posture and Movement.

Owner and Head Coach at Ntense Fitness and Boxing.
Creator of The NtenseFit Way.
Where we teach mindful functional movement, mind body and breath. Creator of the OODA loop emotional management method. If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old. You don’t know it.

About me: Dad that finds joy in every moment of life with some of the following practices or tools.
Heart Beat and awareness meditation
Yoga teacher and Student
Kettlebell Coach. Former Pro Fighter. Boxing and Self defense Coach. Movement is Medicine.

My Motto:

“Life is a continuous opportunity!”

Every situation in life is an opportunity for you to become better! Every time somebody gets an attitude with you. There’s an opportunity to manage yourself and escalate or deescalate the situation. Every time you’re in traffic; there’s an opportunity to practice waiting. Every time bills are due; there’s an opportunity to appreciate that you can pay the bills. Every time someone is sad around you; there’s your opportunity to bring joy and understanding.

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“Our state of mind rules how we use our time.”- Coach DC.

Invited by: Rebecca White

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