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Updated: May 17, 2021


Hey Group Fitness Instructors!

We are here to tackle industry topics, network and connect with others! We host weekly rooms with several topics- anything from networking to how to attract and connect with clients.

Mondays 9am PST- All about teaching virtually💻

Tuesday 12pm PST- Networking Room🎉

Wednesday 11am PST- How to create an impactful experience in our classes/ clients✨

Wednesday 6pm PST- Welcome New Members🎉

Thursday 7:30am PST- Hosting on “Ask a Personal Trainer” Club- Group Ex Networking Room (Several Topics)

Looking for co-mods/ hosts of rooms. Please reach out to admin on Instagram or Email.
Admin: @stephanieb.richardson or [email protected]


Be kind and honest

Collaborate with one another

Share, share, share!

Share your experiences, your story, your tips and tricks.

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