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Updated: Aug 26, 2021


A club created by a dynamic team of seasoned fitness professionals who share ideas, create community, and offer support to help other pros move this fitness industry forward. “Like a bundle of sticks, we are stronger together.”


Club Launch 🚀 March 23rd! Invite 3 Peers and Let’s grow together!

We hold regular rooms 3 days a week!

Monday @ 2pm PST - Changing the Game

Wednesday @ 10am PST - The MisFit Pro

Friday @ 10amPST - Just Group Fitness

Director of Sweat 💦 ,Inspiration, & FitBiz Mentor
Vanessa Wilkins @vanessawilkins

Director of Positivity, Movement, & Psychology- Podcast Pro
Jason Hamera @jasonthehammer

Director of NO BS & Online Fitness Business Specialist
Ria Zervos @theriaz

Director of Storytelling, Ashtanga Tribe and Yoga Specialist
Cecily Guest @yogicecily

Director of Fun, Fitness, Master Presenter, & Online Personality-Everyone’s buddy
Buddy Machua @buddymademedoit

To Mod or Host Rooms please DM @fitnessa415


Respect ✊🏽 ✊🏼✊🏻✊✊🏿

Although we may not always agree, we respect each other’s opinions. We do encourage however insightful debate and sharing of ideas. We encourage and challenge each other In a respectful way ALWAYS!

Safe Space 🦺

We are a diverse group and curate safe rooms - A space for us to come together and share 💡 ideas. As fitness professionals we expect professionalism and mindfulness at all times.

Invite 3 peers or pros

Let’s make this a community of professionals hell bent on improving our industry!

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