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“Call me what you want, just don’t call me late for dinner.” Unknown

A prince, a pauper, and 👑 for a day. Trying on different 🎩‘s until he finds his way. The WHY, is the reason. KNOW THY SELF. The purpose of effecting change, in a positive way. A contribution that is multifaceted and revolves around LOVE. The only advice is to know what your doing and who your doing it with. While the only compulsion is to learn and understand. Lover of life and connoisseur of information, forever a Master Student. 🗣your ✌🏾

Pasadena, CA
- Howard University, Washington, D.C. RADIO.TV.FILM
- Philadelphia, PA
RBK South Street
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Political commentators talking news, politics, and pop culture. We strive to inform, inspire and entertain. We are following in the footsteps of the legendary WWI veteran journalist John Clark of the historic 1950’s Pittsburgh Courier newspaper. Located in the Wylie Ave Hill District Pittsburg Pa. Join us as we discuss politics from historical to recent events.


J. Scott Clark - 1917 E. St. Louis RACE RIOT the book📕- The event resulting in the first time a “white man” was ever convicted for lynching a “black man” in U.S. History.

John L. Clark - WWI veteran of the 1918 351st Field Artillery Unit Pittsburgh PA. Helped organize Pittsburgh Crawford’s Negro League Baseball Team. Columnist Pittsburgh Courier Newspaper


🌎🛳 - 🚚🏠 A Eathship-Container Home Oasis
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Coming to the Las Vegas area

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https://[email protected]

Invited by: Robert Simms

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