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Updated: Jun 14, 2021


Dialectic Exploration & Discovery 🗣🔍💡

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🦅 Twttr - @unfetteredclub
📸 Insta - @unfetteredclub
⚠️ If you have an issue with someone or something on the app, please report through the “complaint-line” on Discord

📋 Please be prepared to share details so we can properly conduct our investigation and act on our findings if action is required. Thank you.

☎️ Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/UYu29fHD
Or Enter in Join Server Option: UYu29fHD
⏰ Look out for our scheduled Town Halls to discuss the current and future operations of the club.


Rule #1

1. Conversational Flow over Idea Conformity
2. Any & every topic is open for discussion
3. Address the argument not the person
4. Principle of charity/steel-manning
5. Encourage playfulness of ideas

Rule #2

6. Teach vs admonish
7. Lookout for hesitant voices
8. Reflect before you react
9. Principle of interruption
10. Concise context is king
11. Patience in listening
12. Tact over Tactic
13. No Trolling


We aren’t your experts. Views & statements made in this club are purely opinions. Please consult a professional before making any decisions. We are not liable for your choices. Thank you. Be dialectic

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