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🔹️Content writer
🔹️Financial Advisor
🔹️Trainer, Teacher
🔹️Be of support and help wherever I can and to whomever I can.

Most of the time, I am a listener but sometimes, I am a speaker.

MPS(My Present Situation)- When I come to the end of what I should know, I find, I am at the beginning of what I should sense.

Core Values: 🔹️Respect, 🔹️Integrity.

Random Facts:
Been in Financial Services Industry for over 30 years.
8 years in Content Writing.
Now trying my luck in teaching and training.
I not only get SALARY but also give SALARY.
🔹️S- Sincerity
🔹️ A- Affection
🔹️ L- love
🔹️ A-Attention
🔹️ R- Respect
🔹️Y- You.
Are you ready to receive this SALARY.

Contact: email: [email protected],
Mobile: +919710251433

Here for:

First wish to:
🔹️Follow and then
🔹️Build Rapport.

Give me the pleasure of hearing your voice, tone, laugh and your message.

Unknown side of me
From Chennai, Southern city of India
Acadamically weak student at school
Collect stamps and coins
Think I am a good husband and father.
Changed career field twice.
Kissed death thrice.
Trying to improve myself and serve.
I work on myself daily and visit atleast 2 clubhouse rooms everyday. sridhar

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