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Founder EDUC8 | 1st 🌎24h CH conference 30k people | Founder THE IMPROV WORKSHOP
| | l do creative things | Improv Performer | Angel Investor | Connect Real World to Classroom | Transformative Pedagogy | History Teacher | Improv Broadway Musical Performer-long form | Stand up guy and sometimes comic 🖤

Looking for actors and musicians to collaborate on improv formats on CH-DM & join

@lottieglobaled @vinceinthebay @paulvato

AFC Richmond ‘till we die Futbol is life!

✅Want an IMPACTFUL INVESTMENT? INVEST in TEENS-DM 📬to connect 13 year olds w/the “real world” and transform them!

———————-ABOUT ME———————

📌 Don’t teach history-have kids make history!
📌”Bill Nye-meets Lin-Manuel Miranda in a classroom-he will change how you teach and think about education... ”
🔺”He teaches different”-you can too!
🔺Creator of 1st Global 24hr around the🌍200 rooms /7 languages 40+ countries 30000 people. What is next? Web:

—————-ON CLUBHOUSE——————
🔺EDUC8 Education Conference Club
🔺History Teachers club-History educators let’s brainstorm!🧠
✅Host-taking a summer break
🔺Wed 8:30P/11:30 Dollars and “Sense” Financial Literacy for kids, teens and teachers too! With hedge fund managers, crypto experts & me!
Donations go to charity
————————CV etc.———————-

✏️ 25+year veteran teacher
🌱Ed tech-Fin Lit startup founder
🔥investor in other startups
🪑Past board chair Future Problem Solving
🏆Fulbright Scholar&James Madison Fellow

👉Ask how ♣️🏠changed my teaching forever! I will help make it do the same for you!
👉 Ask about youth hackathons 💻for social justice!
👉 Ask how to use your existing content to create student activists 🗣


🔺Convince people to trust teens
🔺Inspire teens to trust they can impact the 🌏
🔺Teach financial literacy to young & old💵📈
❗️Teachers-you can grow real wealth if you acquire basic financial knowledge
🔺Inspire active citizens🗽🗳
🔺Introduce teens to social justice ⚖️ & social history👢🎨🎼🎬/
🔺Promote public service-I left a PhD 20+years ago to teach “2 years” & never looked back.


🃏Learn through Play
💻Ed Tech -I used♣️🏠 in my classroom!
💵📈Financial Literacy
👗🎼 🎨 Social History w/FAME (fashion/art/music/entertainment)
🕺Teaching in costume/in character
🎤Teaching w/ rap

27141 🇺🇸🇫🇷🇲🇽🇿🇼

🔺Living on ancestral lands of the Muwekma Ohlone

[email protected]
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Invited by: Jonathan Brusco

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