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« چشم از پنجره بردار، منجی در آینه است. »

خدا را آنگونه که حس میکنید بشناسید، نه آنگونه که می‌گویند.

بى عشق، جهان، يعنى،
يك چـرخــشِ بى معنـــى

PhD in Civil Engineering - Engineering and Construction Management
Ms. Civil Engineering - Engineering and Construction Management - AmirKabir (Poly Technic) University
Some Courses of Civil Engineering - Road and Transportation - Traffic and Accident - AUT University
University Lecturer

Some Positions:

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Ballast Co.

Deputy Minister of Suburban Trains of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development - Railway

Director of Sketching and Development of Imam Khomeini International Airport

Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Sazeh Paydar Co.

Member of The Board of the Urban Railway Association

Former technical and civil deputy of the municipality

Former Director of Roads and Transportation

Interested in:

Development of the country,
Some political discourse,
Fair governance,
Promotion of Culture and Consciousness of the Society,
Travel, Tourism and Nature


ساحل افتاده گفت، گر چه بسی زیستم
هیچ نه معلوم شد، آه که من کیستم
موج زخود رفته ‌ای، نیز خرامید و گفت:
هستم اگر میروم، گر نروم نیستم

Invited by: Armin Abdollahi

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