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Updated: Aug 25, 2021


Schedule and discuss in a round table fashion HOT controversial topics searching for like minded individuals to initiate into the private “Resistance Regional Round Table” club. This is the initiation and gates to get to the private Welcome to “Gates of Enlightenment” All are welcome to come here and explore all sides to controversial topics in an organized, respectful and truthful manner. Stick to treating everyone and their opinions with respect and follow the club rules to initiate an invitation to the round table resistance group researching and discussing solutions and strategies to fix this world or space ship we all share in this galactic journey. Club Creator Bradly Saunders aka Deuce or Deuce-man 🏍I ride a Harley softail Deuce🏍Love 🎶 music🎵Debating controversial topics and controversial events. History, current events, news, religion, politics,sciences, Debating Round table club and networking for open minded truth seeking debaters, researchers, educators, students and anyone curious about all or any topic subjects that are controversial current and HOT!


Mic hogging

Don’t talk over people already holding the mic. Keep mic 🎤 for a short limited time under 10 min as a guide.


Respect every one has an opinion and right to be heard. Do not insult a persons knowledge or view point. This platform is for everyone.


Be truthful and transparent when providing information to provide evidence for your opinion or research be transparent and honest as you can regarding the information you hold and want to share.


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