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clean water wetlands Earth Day
44 years in the environment
survivor of serious car accident

Visit my link tree to explore our June 8th “World Ocean Day!” on Clubhouse - an 18hr Marathon event involving over 12 eco friendly houses OR Scroll down and select the replay you want to hear about 18 topics involving saving our oceans!

🌊🌊 S🤎W💙A❤️M🤍P💚Y💛 🌊🌊
SWAMPY is a word acronym for teaching kids and adults about:
💧Soils! (brown muddy heart)
💧Waters! (blue liquid heart)
💧Animals! (red 4life blood heart)
💧Mankind! (silver life heart)
💧Plants! (green growth heart)
💧Youth! (yellow 🌞 shine heart)

I’ve lived my dream for over 40 years in eco education and applications - being a child of the Green Generation! Visit my Linktree with links to:
💦 SWAMPY States!
💦 SWAMPY Social Media!
💦 SWAMPY Sustainability!
💦 SWAMPY Studios!
💦 SWAMPY School!

Invite Kent Glade in his Swampy overalls or ‘Swampy’ - The Living Wetland ‘stume to your school or eco event Swamp tunes and c
animal sounds! (See my SWAMPY Show on my YouTube Channel via Linktree on IG!)

Join me in creating my “Swampy and Friends” kids TV show! Set up a call on my Linktree at https://linktr.ee/goswampy! 234175

Join me in taking Swampy to the next level! I have built a history of products and services over 3 decades for Swampy and am polishing my projects professionally. But I can’t do this alone!! Let’s do something great together for a legacy for healing our waters and
Email: [email protected]

Linktree: Https://linktr.ee/goswampy
Owwll: https://owwllprofile.page.link/ZicnN2tWbCzjLDj16

Invited by: Erin Houchin

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