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Updated: May 13, 2022


This Club is all inclusive for anyone and everyone to connect and share a piece of their world with the room.
We create a safe space for to share about culture and views on many different social issues.
Each time we host a room the expectation is to allow everyone to introduce themselves then we will go through a question/topic of the night.
Please join if you have an open mind and are interested to hear what others have to say.

Take turns and be prepared to have your mind blown by the incredible people that we share this world with.

We learn so much more when we listen rather than speak.

Hosted Sporadically at 20:20 JST
Turn on notifications and keep up to date every time a room is scheduled. If you want to host a room message Alexandriaokayy on Instagram with the first words being “Global Connect” and organize a room.


Bring an Open Mind

We get into some heavy hitting topics so please be open to hearing opinions from people of other cultural backgrounds with different viewpoints.

Be Polite

With introductions, wait your turn. Feel free to chime in on the conversation, but please try to wait until someone has finished speaking, to avoid interrupting them.

You don’t have to speak

But if you want too! EVERYONE is welcome here 🥰

Last 30 Records

Day Members Gain % Gain
March 10, 2022 1,000 -25 -2.5%
November 22, 2021 1,025 +3 +0.3%
November 04, 2021 1,022 -2 -0.2%
November 01, 2021 1,024 +1 +0.1%
October 27, 2021 1,023 +14 +1.4%
August 25, 2021 1,009 +1 +0.1%
August 24, 2021 1,008 +1 +0.1%
August 23, 2021 1,007 +1 +0.1%
August 16, 2021 1,006 +2 +0.2%


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