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Updated: May 11, 2022


Engage here with a community of committed global citizens—a positive and solutions-oriented group of humans focused on creating social impact, to advance PEOPLE and PLANET.

The equality principle is our North Star.

Our shared interests are anchored in diverse perspectives, contributing to respectful discourse with RADICAL HONESTY & TRANSPARENCY.

Sustainability is meaningless without sustaining people.

Environmental to equity issues—from climate change to clean water access; fashion factories to factory farming; health to housing; regenerative agriculture to renewable energy—it’s all inter-connected.

That’s why we’ll connect and collaborate here, towards collective action and meaningful change, beyond Clubhouse.

Every voice is a vote.

We envision a world, made better by us, in community with you—the MODERN CONSTITUENT.


p.s. must love animals.

For topic and guest suggestions, DM @candicebest on IG or Twitter.


We are People & Planet-conscious

Welcome MODERN CONSTITUENT. Here, we lead with kindness.

We Aim for Radical Honesty

Present honest and factual information, to the best of your knowledge. Share opinions with a spirit of generosity and positivity.

We Remain Respectful

Appreciate diverse voices. Listen with care. Remain respectful even when opinions diverge.

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