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Updated: Oct 5, 2022
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Looking for influencers ,social media management companies for food brands in the UK. Thru my logistics company Im helping 🇱🇧producers find new international clients.
Founded The Lebanese products+Food 🏡 on clubhouse.

DM me if you are an invester or trader interested in buying 🇱🇧Lebanese products +Food to link you to suppliers.

*️⃣Entrepreneur 🏹by Choice
*️⃣Strategist by ♟by Practice
*️⃣Passionate🔥by Nature
*️⃣Positive 😀 by Default
*️⃣Spiritual. 🕯 by Conviction

Partner at Sea Sky Services sarl
(Shipping by air +Sea from every
Where to Any where since 1995)


➡️My Mission on CH:
My country Lebanon 🇱🇧 is suffering from an economical crisis( covid19 +August 4th explosion that destroyed 1/3 of my city) .The Lebanese pound has devaluated & with this inflation, increasing ⬆️ exports is only solution to revive 💰the economy📈.
So If you are a trader or investor
Looking to import high quality products(specially food)at low cost,please DM or send mail .

➡️Linkedin:rima azar
About me:
Outgoing,sociable &love to share &give. Have an introvert side though which makes me recharge every once & a while to meditate ,read &feed my soul.

➡️My Drive:
Make a difference daily even on a micro level. Huge supporter of women.

➡️My Anchor:
My family +team push me to become
A better person

➡️My Moto:
Life is too short &everything will end eventually so enjoy every minute & try to make people around you happy.
Do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you.

Lets connect in English🇺🇸🇬🇧 ,Arabic 🇱🇧&French🇫🇷

Invited by: Charbel Moarbes

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