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Updated: Jun 21, 2021


We are here to support and welcome StartUps, Entrepreneurs & Businesses, both big and small.

Join us to engage on how to effectively grow your business whilst bringing in positivity and productivity to your every day, now and always.

No matter your industry or background. We are fully inclusive, non-judgemental and openly accessible to all.

What are your thoughts on the Lifestyle Business? Founder Wellbeing? Time Management, Growing a team?

Glorifying being busy... is it really efficient and sustainable?! Burnout is not a requirement to set up a profitable business.

OUR MISSION: Making sure to look after the inside and outside...of both you and your business.

ALEAFIA: to be in the state of good physical and mental health.

You are invited to network, connect, learn, be educated, teach and create conversation for exponential growth. All things for sustainable balance and growth.

We welcome all to get in touch to host rooms or co-moderate an existing room. Get in touch with @laurenlepley or @sophiebennett and we will open discussions to get you set up!


✳️ Monday

11:30am: THIS COULD BE YOU (space for your room)

✳️ Tuesday

2pm: Time Management to Propel Growth within your Business (held within the Entrepreneurs & Leaders Club) with Lauren and Shanks

✳️ Wednesday

11:30am: Midweek Motivation: Routine & Productivity

4:00pm: Breaking Down Overwhelm & Preventing Burnout - UK & USA with Jessica, Lauren & Guests

✳️ Thursday

11:am: Social Media for Wellbeing Business with Sophie Bennett

✳️ Friday

12:00pm: THIS COULD BE YOU (space for your room)

All rooms are open for all to meet people, find collaborations, get answers.


Be kind, respect others view & opinions

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