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Updated: Oct 6, 2022
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🧠 Emirati US-trained counseling psychologist
💬 columnist
🥸 psychology consultant at a UAE-based mental health startup
✍️ poet with few English publications in literary journals
📖 writing a book of poems on people watching
🇦🇪 Based in Dubai, UAE. Used to live in Boston, MA for 10 years before coming back in 2018

👓 Special interests in:

⚜️trauma & resilience (at personal/intergenerational/community levels)
⚜️narrative therapy
⚜️self care that isn’t devoid of community care
⚜️decolonizing our minds
⚜️ links between physical health/spirituality/culture/nature/creativity/society/social justice & mental health

🤝 Here to learn, network, collaborate on poetic or mental health projects, and share educational info about my field. I don’t like to label myself an “expert.” I simply have a relationship with what I do; sometimes it’s more intimate and other times more distant.

📱 Feel free to reach out to me via Instagram, Twitter, or email [email protected] Aside from articles I write for Sail E-Magazine, you can find me on Medium (

🛑 What I share shouldn’t be taken as a replacement for seeking your own professional help. I cannot offer therapy or diagnose in Clubhouse or on email or on any social media platform. Any interaction we have on any of these platforms is NOT a therapy relationship.

🛑 To avoid conflict of interest, I cannot offer therapy for people I collaborate with at a professional/creative level, co-moderated with in clubhouse, or with people I am in a social relationship with.

⭐️ Following/being in a room =/= endorsement! ⭐️
⭐️Whatever I share doesn’t represent the views of my employer or of the startups I advise or of the publications I write for⭐️

Invited by: Diandra Apoyan

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