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My name is Seth Leitman. I have a Master of Public Administration from the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. I also go as The Green Living Guy®. EV guru and green living expert.

Was recently covered by Forbes. Can't believe it.

Also a Professional Speaker and Green and a Sustainability PR consultant! I’ve been at this since the 1990’s! Even started up Green Living Guy Club on Clubhouse!

To collaborate with other entrepreneurs and or sponsors looking to promote their product(s) etc.

I am also the President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Auto Association.

Again! I am an Author or Editor of 9 books with TAB McGraw-Hill called the Green Guru Guides. That’s because the I want to provide you with the information to go green! To donate with all the proceeds going to buy books. Period!! So donate here where it says Give Money!

I’ve been blessed to work with Staples to The Home Depot to Panasonic USA and NYCMedia. Panasonic USA brought me on to do TV segments to help launch their alliance with Tesla Motors. NYCMedia hired me to do TV segments for Earth Month. Four segments in total.

In addition and for NYCMedia I did four tv segments! So these tv segments were for Earth Day and sponsored by the City of New York. They are called Urban Green with The Green Living Guy!

Finally I am now with The Y Networks for Television. Watch the Green Living Guy Show on your smart tv by downloading the The Y Networks app or watch on YouTube.

Finally, I have worked for the State of New York to becoming a green expert on TV too! From electric cars to green schools to LED green lighting.

In addition, my experience is vast and since 1998. I’ve has managed projects on indoor air quality and working on alternative fueled vehicles.

Also a Dad, Husband. I am Jewish and a Proud Zionist as well.

Lately we have been getting more expansive towards movies but once step at a time. (As The Green Living Guy says!!) One Small Step at a Time. One Day at a Time!

Invited by: Dana Sinno

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