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Ground breaking interviews with clean beauty founders by celebrity makeup artist Cassandra McClure ✳️


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The Original iTunes Top 100 Clean Beauty show established in 2018 features experts in all aspects of the clean beauty industry and delivers ground-breaking live interviews with founders, formulators, doctors, scientists, artists, and celebrities. Past shows have featured Barb Paldus Ph.D, scientist and CEO of Codex Beauty, Karen Behnke, Founder and CEO of Juice Beauty, and celebrities Liza Koshy and Mona Kattan.

Beauty Independent, Forbes, Cosmetics Design, Medium, Seattle Times & more!

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Clean Beauty + Juice Beauty August 14, 2021

Celebrity makeup artist Cassandra McClure is a multi-hyphenated entrepreneur committed to clean beauty.
During her successful career in modeling and makeup artistry, she discovered health issues triggered by fragrance and launched the first Clean Beauty Podcast. She also founded beauty company Lash Binder™, which gives back to cancer fighters.

Cassandra also hosts the Clean Beauty Retreat and Conferences to raise awareness through education and experiences. Both of these events haven been featured in Forbes and Medium.

Amidst COVID, Cassandra launched the Clean Beauty Kit, a monthly subscription box featuring USA based woman-led brands. The kit was awarded Best Clean Beauty Skincare Box by Health magazine.

Cassandra's unique experience, products and events have been featured globally in newspapers, blogs, and podcasts. She’s been invited to speak on life as a makeup artist, building communities, ingredient safety, products, holistic beauty and wellness on various TV segments, at events, conferences, and most recently, Clubhouse. ✳️ Official website:


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